Werbebanner und Planen

We print banners and Banners in all sizes and on many different materials for indoor and outdoor. Whether you need a rectangular PVC banner for your outdoor advertising, a wind-permeable mesh banner for the fence or a fine cloth banners for your event, we always assemble according to your wishes: Border reinforced and eyelets, with piping, tunnel or cut only clean our banners fill your advertising campaign to life.
Mesh Banner Standard oder Premium
10,24 € Brutto
ab 10,24 € / m²
zzgl. 19 % MwSt.
Lieferzeit: 5-7 Werktage
Frontlit Standard / Premium
8,75 € Brutto
ab 8,75 € / m²
zzgl. 19 % MwSt.
Lieferzeit: 5-7 Werktage
Premium-Qualität, hochwertig bedruckt!
13,04 € Brutto
ab 13,04 € / m²
zzgl. 19 % MwSt.
Lieferzeit: 5-7 Werktage

Mesh Banner, PVC banners or fabric banners?

The type of application will decide on the right type of material for your banners. A cloth banner is only suitable for outdoor use, and a banner PVC Frontlit, although it is very stable, its for a place with very high wind loads quite the wrong choice. A banner PVC mesh again you should not use indoors when the viewing distance is too low. Because then the grid structure has a negative effect on the optical quality impression.

Mesh Banner

The mesh banner is made of perforated PVC material that is both wind permeable and translucent. It is very common in outdoor areas used where it must withstand high wind loads, so for example, on scaffolding or construction fences and at large events. Thus, although it has this perforated structure, it is still to be printed very presentable. This is due to the normally very large viewing distances, out of which the pressures act completely homogeneous again. Since it is made of a flame retardant according to DIN B1 printing material and is UV-resistant, it meets all the necessary requirements for nearly every application. With about 330 grams per square meter basis weight the mesh banner is slightly lighter than a traditional PVC banner. For very large areas, this weight difference in the ease of handling is clearly noticeable. In addition, a mesh banner is far less sensitive to cracking, as a full-face banner of PVC Frontlit.
We offer the mesh banner in two different qualities:

Our standard mesh banner is made of high-quality mesh and most requirements of banners outside until about 10 square meters. If the printed surface be larger, we recommend our Mesh Banner Premium. With this extremely stable material even large areas can be covered safely by welding several panels.

PVC Banner

The PVC banners or PVC Frontlit is the classic among the banners and extremely versatile. Due to its high surface density of approximately 500 grams per square meter, it is very stable both in terms of weather influences on long-term use as well as its resistance to tearing. This is a not to be underestimated, especially at events when many people are traveling in the vicinity of the banners. The homogeneous surface structure makes our PVC Banner at an excellent carrier of your advertising message, because the visible print quality from any distance simply outstanding. The applied-art printing machines digital prints are UV and weather resistant and naturally scratch resistant.
Our PVC banners can be ordered in two quality levels:

Our PVC banners in the standard material quality you already receive a high quality, the vast majority of requirements sufficient banners with flame retardant B1 certification. But if you want to cover (more than 10 square meters) with a long-life banners a very large area outside our PVC premium for you choice.

cloth banners

The cloth banners is the first choice when it comes to quality indoor advertising. With its fine textile structure, it acts much softer and cozier than ever could a PVC banner. Nevertheless, the prints are on it luster and shine and provide the desired wow factor at point of sale or at events.
Beyond pure advertising impact, our cloth banners offers many other advantages:

It has a fire protection certification according to DIN B1 and it is washable. The grammage of 210 grams per square meter so stable that it is just as versatile attachable like a mesh banner, so eyelets with edge reinforcement, with sewn tunnel or with piping.
An increasingly important aspect in printed banners is environmental sustainability, with the made the banners and can be disposed of again. And here our cloth banners clearly has the edge on PVC banners or mesh, because it is made of 100% polyester, Oeko-Tex certified, significantly more biodegradable. Also, the water-based sublimation printing offers in the field of digital printing environmentally probably the most gentle way to print on fabric. Nevertheless, these prints are very durable and UV stable because the color pigments are in this case not on, but printed in the fabric. So that the pressure is also mechanically very resilient, which means that you can not scratch the pressure practical.